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Welcome to the Tricks Dedicated to Witches, a Wiki dedicated to everything about the manga series Tricks Dedicated to Witches (Majo Ni Sasageru Trick, 魔女に捧げるトリック, For My Next Trick, I'll Need a Witch, Witch Trick) that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles!

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In 2021, Harry Makito, genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old. Or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself reincarnated 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe during the age of the Witch Trials! Now he fights against the church which unjustly brands women as witches with his tricks disguised as miracles. It's like real magic!

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